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Cloud Computing News: Week 27 July to 2 Aug 2009

This list is a summary of Cloud Computing news that I posted during the past week on Twitter:

– When a SaaS solution should or should not be considered Cloud? (via @CloudExpo)

– RT @JohnTreadway EXCELLENT post by @ghaff on CloudCamp Boston + observations made there: via @beaker

– #CloudComputing trend is growing – Innovators have to be quick to survive… by @jmkap (via @cloudbook)

– #CloudComputing Makes Servers Obsolete (by @lmacvittie) #CloudViews
– Cloud Computing Use Cases #WhitePaper Published by @doug_tidwell (via @ruv)

– Federal IT spending to increase modestly thanks to cloud computing (via @cloudysaas)

– GSA released their Cloud Computing Request For Quotation (RFQ): (via @Kevin_Jackson) #GovCloud

– Software Vendors Scooping Up SaaS Players (via @workinthecloud)

– #CloudComputing #WhitePaper: Securing Applications in the Clouds (by HP) #CloudViews

– Mythbusters of Cloud Computing (via @byron_cpa)

– The ‘Cloud’ Is NOT Outsourcing (via @PeterKretzman @charltonb) #CloudViews

– The real cost of cloud computing services (#CIO Tips) #CloudViews

– CIO News: Latest Cloud Computing trend: End users buying IT as a Service (via @TTintheCloud)

– #CloudComputing: “neither private sector nor public sector really understands what cloud computing is all about”…

– #CloudComputing brings developers to the people (via @infoworld @NolioSoft)

– #Cloudcomputing, low or high appeal for banks? (via @bslook) #CloudViews

– Brokering Cloud Computing as a Commodity (via @CloudExpo)

– Cloud Governance: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed… (via @CloudExpo)

– The 2009 Cloud Consensus Report – Federal cloud initiative & MeriTalk (via @CloudedAnalysis)

– #CloudComputing explained in 152 slides OSCON 09 (via @justinpirie @opteso) #CloudViews

– The Single Biggest Reason Public Clouds Will Dominate the Next Era of IT (by @fgens IDC)

– #CloudComputing #WhitePaper: Introspective Security in Cloud Computing (via @bslook @ruv) #CloudViews

– Bandwidth No Longer an Obstacle to Applications in the Cloud (via @Kevin_Jackson) #CloudViews

– RT @Pointzeromedia: Call for speakers – #CloudComputing World Forum – 1/10/09, London – – contact

– @Kevin_Jackson Tech Chair, 1st Annual Government IT Conference & Expo: #CloudViews #GovCloud

– The U.S. Government is Making the Move to the Cloud – Does Your Company Want To Get Involved?

– CIOZone has a brand-new, detailed take on Government 2.0: @dhinchcliffe views:

– #WhitePaper: #CloudComputing for Healthcare & Life Sciences Data Warehousing (via @recomdata) #CloudViews

– Is cloud computing right for enterprise? (via @cloudnetworking) #CloudViews

– PivotLink Eliminates the #Security Barriers to Cloud-Based Business Intelligence (via @Kevin_Jackson)

– @Kevin_Jackson review of @MariaSpinola “Essential Guide…” (via @ITKLCameron @cloudysaas)

– “Large percentage of Middle East firms adopts cloud computing” (PR)

– #CloudComputing: The Cloud Its Benefits and Its Threats (via @Rich_Bruklis)

– #CloudComputing: Federal agencies are pushing standards & definitions that help the business world (via @Rich_Bruklis)

– #CloudComputing: Compliance Research Group Outlines Strategies for Stronger Risk Management (via @Kevin_Jackson)

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