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Cloud Computing News: Week 20 to 26 July 2009

This list is a summary of Cloud Computing news that I posted during the past week on Twitter:

– Unisys & #CloudComputing: Exclusive Q&A with Rich Marcello (via @cloudnomics) #Security & #Privacy are big concerns…

– Sun Microsystems view on #CloudComputing:

– List of advantages of #CloudComputing (via @CloudMarkets) ME: and list of advantages vs risks:

– How is Your Cloud Computing Provider Doing? (via @cloudysaas)

– The tech jobs that the cloud will eliminate… and which become more valuable?

– Platform-as-a-Service (PAAS) market to grow to $15.2 B in global sales by 2016 according to Forrester (via @MCFTechnology @AmericanUnit)

– Jericho Forum Collaboration Oriented Architecture Position Paper (via @Capgemini)

– Cloud security depends on the human element (via @Dana_Gardner) ME: I agree completely

– Will IT pros love the cloud? (via @TTintheCloud)

– Budget issues are biggest driver for cloud services – IDC Research – (via @cloudnetworking)

– Survey: Company Data Safer in Data Centre as #CloudComputing Grows (via @surprisedcloud)

– @Dana_Gardner panel on cloud security

– RT @jshuey When I say SaaS — You Say …

– The Transformational Power of the Cloud for Knowledge Workers (via @PowerInTheCloud)

– [Security] Architectural Framework (via @Beaker) ME: Recommend

– Amazon Web Services Secrets Revealed – Source: InformationWeek (via @cloudEq)

– Will the Kindle Crisis Kill Cloud Computing? (via @techwatching)

– RT @cloudbook New Contributor: Patrick Stingley @patrickstingley Federal CTO shares insights #Government #CloudComputing

– Bringing Cloud Computing Down to Earth with Ultra Low-Cost Endpoints (via @cloudEq)

– The tech jobs that the cloud will eliminate (via @cloudnetworking

– The Top #CloudComputing Solutions people are looking for in 2009– Survey by (via @oncloudcomp)

– Loads of good Cloud content (papers/presos) from Usenix/HotCloud09 (via @Beaker)

– What does Amazon nuking Kindle copies of 1984 tell us about #CloudComputing? Unfortunately… (via @Beaker @samj)

– The third draft of #CloudComputing Use Cases #WhitePaper is ready for your comments: (via @doug_tidwell) ME:recommend

– Vivek Kundra: #CloudComputing Could Improve Intergovernmental Collaboration: (via @dasharp)

– Concerns raised as L.A. looks at Google Apps

– Blog- SOA and Security: Are Services the Problem or the Solution?

– SOA, cloud: it’s the architecture that matters (via @cloudnomics)

– Open Group conf shows how security standards & governance hold keys to enterprise #cloud adoption (via @Dana_Gardner)

– Thanks for publishing my #WhitePaper #CloudComputing and also thanks for the excellent feedback 🙂

– Is Your Cloud App Ready For 100,000 Users? (via @informationweek)

– A view of public & private cloud computing from the perspective of different applications & interfaces (via @cloudbook)

– RThanks @PeterKretzman: If you read only 1 paper #cloudcomputing, I strongly recommend @mariaspinola “Essential Guide”:

– Engine Yard launches robust Ruby cloud-based deployment platform service (via @Dana_Gardner)

– RT @Kevin_Jackson #GovCloud The Government is the New Google (

– New Contributor: Maria Spinola @mariaspinola shares her insights on cloud computing with the community (via @cloudbook)

– Lost in the Cloud… NYTimes #CloudViews

– Paper: @ChrisCrandell on Advancing Application Availability with PAN Manager Software (via @cloudbook)

– “What happens when the biggest IT buyer in the world gets into #cloudcomputing? (via @wllm @digiphile)

– Why Wouldn’t You Adopt Cloud Computing? (via @vaklove)

– Standards Groups Collaborate on Cloud Computing (via @TheCloudNetwork)

– BMC makes cloud management push with Amazon as partner (by InfoWorld)

– Three critical — and avoidable — cloud computing mistakes (by InfoWorld)

– Before you jump into the Cloud, did you asked: “Who is accountable if something goes wrong?” or…

– HP Acquires Cloud Computing Company (via @cloudnetworking)

– Report: Twitter Hack Caused by Hasty Adoption of Cloud Computing (via @iintelicomp)

– A Pragmatic, Effective and Hype-Free Approach for Strategic Enterprise Decision Making

– List of Top “Cloud Computing Solution Providers to Watch in 2009?

– Cloud Data Import, Export by Amazon (via @TheCloudNetwork)

– 4 1/2 Ways to Deal With Data During Cloudbursts (via @surprisedcloud)

– Clearing up cloud computing – Chicago Tribune (via @cloud_dennis)

– Can Microsoft (or Rackspace) Dethrone Cloud King Amazon? (via @surprisedcloud)

– Government Adoption – The Cloud, the Crowd, and Public Policy

– White Paper: Emergency Preparedness for Local Government (via @Jonathan_Kantor @247survival)

– Ruby-on-Rails Apps Get Cloud Lift

– Do You Trust Google More Than You Trust Your Wife?

– Will You Lead Cloud Computing or Will You Follow? (via @cloudysaas)

– I just joined CIOZone – Professional Network for CIO’s and IT Professionals – as a contributor:

Thanks and please let me know how can I help you.
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