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Cloud Computing News: Week 3 to 9 Aug 2009

This list is a summary of Cloud Computing news that I posted during the past week on Twitter:

– RT @cloudbook: New: Thinking Out Cloud’s @gevaperry & the CEO of Twilio discuss recent developments in Cloud Computing

– The days of traditional IT are numbered… ,by @RayDePena ME: Yes, and 1 reason is

– Security and Cloud Storage: Everybody Talks About it, but is it Really All That Different? by @slesem

– The end of IT as we know it? (by @VishAgashe) ME: Yes, and one reason is

– Five Reasons Why Oracle Will Enter the Cloud Computing Business (by IDC)

– 5 Lessons from Dark Side of Cloud Computing (via @CIOonline) /ME: worth read

– Beware these risks of cloud computing, from no SLAs to vendor lock-in… #CIO #CloudViews

– Twitter, Facebook and LiveJournal, where’s your cloud bursting contingency plan?

– Facebook, Twitter, LiveJournal Down! Did The Cloud Actually Burst? (via @Ulitzer)

– Is Set to Invade Healthcare? #CloudViews (by @CIOZone)

– U.S. DoD (Department of Defense) Holding Cloud Computing “Show & Tell” Workshop (via @Kevin_Jackson)

– Site – Software as a Service Directory (via @onsaas)

– Cloud Computing Conference: 27-28 Aug 09 – San Diego, CA, USA (contact @skhage see if he still haves free admissions)

– Will cloud put traditional hosters out of business? #CloudViews

– Turning IT into a political issue – Computerworld via (@cloud_dennis @MorphLabs)

– Introducing the Cloud Security Podcast with @CraigBalding and @Beaker #CloudViews

– Cloud Computing: CIO’S need to get in front of it, or your users will go out there, and… by Mike Hill- IBM

– How the #CIO can appropriately leverage cloud to become the hero again (SYS-CON) #CloudViews

– RT @Werner: Server Labs eats their own dog food: moves 100% into the cloud at 1/3 of the cost

– @adowbor created a visual summary chart of NIST Cloud Computing definition /ME: great job

– Clouds and Beyond: Positioning for the Next 20 Years in Enterprise IT (by @fgens – @IDC) #CloudViews

– Cloud Computing: The answer to supply chain woes #ERP #CloudViews

– ‘Culture’ Biggest Hurdle To Cloud Computing (via @wllm @cloudEq) /ME: I agree

– Cloud Computing is the Future of Mobile by @sarahintampa (via @jafurtado)

– Cloud Computing Definitions: NIST, Gartner, Forrester (via @Ulitzer)

– Oracle needs to clean up its applications to change the face of cloud computing? #CloudViews

– Cloud Computing: 67 different definitions… what is and isn’t ‘cloud’ (via @Furrier @datacenter) / read @sfoskett blog

– White Paper: “Before you dive into the Cloud, have you asked yourself these questions?” (via @cmSYSCON)

– Closing The Gap With #SaaS (Forbes) (via@laurejuil) /ME: worth read

– Research Shows Flexibility a Factor in #SaaS Adoption (via @sysconmedia)

– White Paper: Cloud Consumers & Vendors Collaborate on Common #CloudComputing Use Case Scenarios (via @cloudbook)

– LucidEra Closes its Doors – SaaS BI Weathers the Storm (by Aberdeen’s Technology )

– Above the Clouds – A Berkeley View of Cloud Computing #CloudViews

– Unisys Delivers Secure Cloud Solution (via @Kevin_Jackson) /ME: good news for enterprise clients

– White Paper: Solving the Privacy, Residency and Security Issues of Enterprise Cloud Computing

– RT @RFFlores I Agree: Cloud Requires Mature IT Service Management

– White Paper Cloud Computing & SaaS: Ensure the Success of Your SaaS Implementation Strategy:

– NetSuite team shares insights & experiences w/ Cloud Computing & SaaS Implementation (via @cloudbook)

– @ITKLCameron SaaS Not Equal Cloud. Like analogy I made “a franchising is a business, not all businesses are franchises

– RT @carmengonza Register TODAY for #CloudComputing Expo and Attend Cloud Computing Bootcamp for FREE

– Cloud Computing Debate: Zittrain Counters Criticism (via @charltonb) #CloudViews

– Enrico DePaolis Launches His “Cloud Computing Simplified” Blog on ULITZER (via @CloudExpo)

– The Long Tail of Cloud Computing? (via @6fusion) #CloudViews

– Researchers “found” a problem that could undermine cloud computing’s cybersecurity: #CloudViews

– Gartner Survey Issues #SaaS Reality Check (by @andreyee) #CloudViews

– Cloud Computing Security Risks – Are They Real? (via @CloudAdoption) #CloudViews

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