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Cloud Computing News: Week 10 to 16 Aug 2009

This list is a summary of Cloud Computing news that I posted during the past week on Twitter:

– Putting the Cloud Before the Horse (by @lmacvittie)

– Einstein, Sharks and Clouds (by @RayDePena) /ME: loved sharks analogy – good read

– Top 5 Challenges faced by a Cloud Vendor / SaaS Provider (via @Symplified) #CloudViews

– Moving Applications to the Cloud – Determining What Applications Make Sense for Your Business webminar

– Cloud Computing, in Plain English, to IT Directors, VP’s, CIO’s and CEO’s: #CloudViews

– CIOs & Companies Fail to Measure Outsourcing Financial Effect (via @PeterKretzman) ME: Cloud Computing will be the same

– Cloud Security Panel: Is Cloud Computing more or less secure than on-premises IT? (via Dana_Gardner)

– RT @HighTechDad: Getting some laughs from John Keagy’s video at #CloudWorld –

– Cloud Computing: RT @wattersjames: “30 million servers out there at 10% utilization” #cloudworld

– Open-source, proprietary vendors partner on cloud-based Business Intelligence… (via @DavidLinthicum)

– Ten observations about cloud computing (via @cloudcomp_group) /ME: good read

– Cloud Computing: Top 10 Worst Practices by @madgreek65 (via @sectorprivate) /ME: of course I agree #CloudViews

– Cloud Computing debate; The ‘imminent death’ of enterprise IT as cloud models ascend (by @Dana_Gardner) #CloudViews

– Cloud Computing pushes enterprise architects beyond IT into business process optimization role (by @Dana_Gardner)

– White Paper: Taking Account of Privacy When Designing Cloud Computing Services #CloudViews

– White Paper Cloud Computing: Defining a dWAF to secure cloud applications href=””> #CloudViews

– How to Develop an Effective Security Strategy to Play in the Public Cloud @sysconmedia #CloudViews

– Cloud Computing: Key Questions to Ask when Evaluating “SaaS” Alternatives

– White Paper SaaS: Brief History of Software as a Service – @computerworld (via @Insol_IT @workinthecloud @tones810 )

– Why a ‘protective’ techie just can’t trust the cloud by @pvenezia@infoworld (via @franciscojsaez )

– Speak at Cloud Connect 2010 – Call for Papers (via @cloud_connect)

– Can security concerns kill cloud computing? /ME: on the other hand ,@Kevin_Jackson

– Vendors must help with confusion over cloud computing – IT PRO (via @cloud_dennis) #CloudViews

– 5 Tips from Hackers on Cloud Computing (via @CIOonline) #CloudViews

– Cloud Computing Explained: A Guide from Sun Microsystems #CloudViews

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