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Cloud Computing, in Plain English, to IT Directors, VP’s, CIO’s and CEO’s

Sometimes we forget that every day, new people are discovering Cloud Computing, and that they know very little about it.

So the objective of this article is very simple… to explain Cloud Computing, in plain English, to IT Directors, VP’s, CIO’s and CEO’s:,

I hope that with this video, you could understand what is Cloud Computing and what it can do to your company.

In the nexts articles, I will try to explain the followings points:

Why Should IT Directors, VP’s, CIO’s and CEO’s Care About Cloud Computing?
Cloud Computing Equals to SaaS, Grid, Utility Computing, Hosting?
What Exactly is Cloud Computing?
– Why Large Public and Private Sector Organizations (not just SMB’s) Are Seriously Considering Cloud Computing?
– What are the Cloud Computing Challenges and Risks?
– Real-World Cloud Computing Applications
– Cloud Computing Enterprise Implementation Road-Map

Thanks, and please let me know how can I help you.
Maria Spínola

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