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Stand Out in a Mobile World – How to gain competitive advantage and customer delight


This article does not necessary describes a real solution. It belongs to an, already finished, recruitment process for Altitude Software. By the way, according to Altitude, I was not the chosen candidate because there was another candidate that knows German. I don’t 🙁 I guess I will have to learn German. 😉

The aim was to introduce the “Altitude Mobile Apps for Contact Center” to non-technical business decision makers. The main reader profile was a Retail/Manufacturing/Distribution business manager, that already adopted (or is about to) a Mobile Strategy.

We want them to go from their “Status Quo” to their “Priority” buying cycle phase regarding the “Altitude Mobile Apps for Contact Center”.


Article Content:

Your company clearly understands the market. Your new product has the right features, benefits and price. The promotions are compelling. It earns rave reviews for its performance.

Persuaded of their usefulness, your client, with a Smartphone on his hand, is at the point of sale willing to make an immediate purchase.

However, there is a problem: he has questions about installation/integration with other devices, he already owns.

He asks for help, to the store sales rep. Because the product is brand new, the rep doesn’t know the answers!

Meanwhile, the client notices that your product has a QR Code. He scans it… but the information you served, although good, do not answer his specific questions.

Smartphone by Store

Source: Nielson, May 14, 2012


At this point, the client either decides to go away, and search for the answers latter — and latter may not arrive, live gets in the way. Or, he decides to call your contact center, but needs to provide a lot of information about the product – the same that is already on the QR Code.

At the end, he feels very frustrated with the experience. Probably you lost the sale and the client!

In 2011, 89% of consumers began doing business with a competitor following a poor customer experience. (1)


What could be different, and much better?

Imagine that you offer a mobile app that, besides scanning the QR Code, also collects all the relevant contextual data — such previous mobile scanning and the content you already provided. The client either chooses more self-service advice, or requests an agent to call him. Either way you save the client from providing data that can be automatic collected — all with client authorization.


You need to expand your contact center services to mobile devices

Customer experience is the critical business differentiator because no one can successfully compete on products and/or price alone.

In 2011, a whopping 1% of consumers said their expectations of good customer experience are always met. (1)


It’s no longer a question of whether or not to go mobile — it’s when and how.


But, we understand how easy that project can slip to the back burner.

Maybe, you have your mobile website strategy on your to-do list for over a year now…. and now mobile app contact center?

Our maybe, you just updated your contact center services to enable social media interactions… another change?

Our maybe, not using QR Codes? You don’t have. It was for illustration purpose.

… Or, it’s one of those projects “you’ll get to once <fill in your excuse here>.”

We are in the middle of a digital revolution that is creating a new customer experience revolution!


Take action. Speak with your mobile strategy team. Ask us more information about our mobile apps that suite your business needs, or call us xxx-xxx-xxxx today.

Maybe, right now, one of your clients is at a point of sale… looking to your product… with a mobile device … ready to buy… but with unanswered questions! How delighted would he be if he could get answers where, when and when he most needs.


Article References:

(1) 7 Ways To Radically Improve (Reinvent) Customer Service In Your Industry


Author Information:

Maria Spínola helps High-Tech companies generate more leads and close more business by translating complex technologies into clear business benefits.

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