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B2B Content Marketing: Marketers Have It Wrong?

write content for a living…

… so I should be happy that, in 2013, the biggest challenge for B2B content marketers is “producing enough content.


But, I’m not happy!

Because I believe B2B audience doesn’t need more content. They need better (and more disruptive) content — see “B2B Tech: To me, this is THE Content Marketing that WORKS” 

2013 B2B Content Marketing Biggest Challenge
2013 B2B Content Marketing Biggest Challenge


Of course, you may say: “That’s your opinion. I think differently”.

And I will answer: “I’m not alone. Joe Pulizzi also believes that more content it’s not the right path”.

Listen to Joe opinion at “The Future of Content Marketing: A Special Report on 2013 Benchmarking, Budget and Trends”.


And you? What’s your opinion?


Thanks and please let me know how I can help you,

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